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No. 1 - Initial Discovery 


At your initial consultation we meet to discuss your overall goals as well as a time for completion, and your estimated budget. We will review images of homes that inspire you and invite you to think about any adjectives that describe the environment you wish to create. And remember, what you want is just as important as what you don't! 

No. 2 - Agreement & Budgeting


After the first meeting we take your inspiration images and our conversations into account. We consider your personalized plan for color, textures, and patterns, while providing an estimated project budget and contract. Upon approval of the budget and contract, we request payment of the project retainer and begin work! 

No. 3 - Planning & Procurement


In this step, we purchase furniture, art, and accessories. We work with our trade professionals to complete contract work such as flooring and wallpaper installation, painting, etc. We typically complete projects within two to three months; however the pandemic has resulted in industry-wide delays impacting materials production and shipping. 

No. 4 - Installation & Reveal


In the final phase, we coordinate the installation of all purchased items with our warehouse receive to ensure every design detailed is tended to and your space is completed to absolute perfect. We encourage clients to be away during the installation so we can welcome you intor your new home with our Carla Royder Designs & Co signature reveal. 

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