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Come tour this Hill Country Dream Home!

We're excited to take you on a tour of this beautiful Hill Country home. It has for sure been one of our favorite projects over the last year for so many reasons. Every piece of furniture, every rug, lamp, bedding, and even the accessories were hand selected & custom ordered by the CRD team for this fabulous family and their new home built by Garner Custom Homes.

It is always our mission to help our client's design dreams come to fruition. That is what we do everyday. But this time was especially fun because the client gave us a lot of creative license! This husband and wife duo have a very demanding work schedule so we dove in, took the reins, and with her quick decisive blessings, we whipped up this gorgeous home! The fun personalities of all the family members is ever present in every room. I personally meshed really well with their styles and tastes. Her obsession for texture, his love of all things vintage and my ability to source and find their unique furnishings was a match made in heaven.

Take a peek and let us know what you think! As always, Cheers!

Carla H. Royder

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Everything is so beautiful! I love it!


suzi rugg
suzi rugg

Incredible space inside and out! Loved the tour.

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